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New Release: Ha Ha (Interselector Remix)

2013/11/14 4:13 に Kei Maruyama が投稿   [ 2014/05/28 8:08 に更新しました ]
Ha Ha (Interselector Remix)


Nohashi Records presents "Re.nohaus10" featuring remixes by Kenji Takashima and re-production by Interselector (Takuya Kusajima) with keyboard by Kei Maruyama and mixed by Taiichi Uesawa. Deep and piano house sounds will make you feel in 90's.

1. Ha Ha (Interselector Remix)

Remixed by Takuya Kusajima (Interselector)
Keyboard by Kei Maruyama
Mixed by Taiichi Uesawa

2. Ha HA (WIDWGTS@Aisotope Unreleased Piano Dub Edit 3)

3. Ha Ha Ha (Pafu Pafu 2013 Edit)

4. My Poem (Kenji Takashima Vocal Mix)

5. Killing Piano (Kenji Takashima Remix)

6. Over (Hyperacusis Remix)

7. Over (Momo Saeki Remix - Remastered)

8. Iboco (Momo Saeki Remix - Remastered)

9. Iboco (2013 Edit)

10. On The Edge (Kenji Takashima Three Quarters Remix)

11. You Got Me (Momo Saeki Remix - Edit2)

12. Mo! Atsuko Coqdotique! (Original Mix)