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プロデューサー / 作曲・編曲家 / キーボードプレイヤー

4歳でクラシックピアノを始める。早稲田大学在学中に音楽家としてのキャリアをスタートする。同時に音楽学校メーザー・ハウスにも在籍、ジャズピアノ、編曲および音楽理論を学ぶ。在学中にバンド「宮尾すすむと日本の社長」に参加、「LIVE AT THE APOLLO」 (Epic)ほかをリリース。


Takuya Kusajimaのソロプロジェクト「Interselector」に参加。作曲、編曲、キーボードを担当した「The Piano Live」(ARTIMAGE)がクラブシーンでヒット。「株式会社マッチファインダー」を設立し、日本最大のレコードショッピングサイト「SOUND FINDER」を立ち上げる。バンド「YOU-DIE!!! & ザ・リーゼンツ」で伝説のロックバー「レッドシューズ」にレギュラー出演。



現在、 CHAINS、リーゼンツ、MR&B での演奏・制作活動を中心に、音楽周辺に専念。

Producer / Composer & Arranger / Keyboard Player

MARUYAMA Kei has played the piano since 4 years old. He has started his carrier as a musician in Waseda university. At the same time, he studied jazz piano, arrangement and music theory in music school. He joined a funk band called "Miyao Susumu to Nippon no Shacho" and released "LIVE AT THE APOLLO", etc.

After graduation, while he had worked for a consulting firm, he has joined a rock band called "CHAINS" and made a major debut with "Hiyorimi Scope".

He has joined Takuya Kusajima's project called "Interselector" and released "The Piano Live". He was in charge of composing, arranging and playing keyboard. It became a big hit with a club music scene. He founded "Matchfinder Co. Ltd." which manages "SOUND FINDER", the largest vinyl shopping website in Japan. He has been playing in a rock band called "YOU-DIE!!! & The Regents" and appeared regularly on legendary rock bar "RED SHOES".

He has studied music theory at "Conservatoire de Manchot" which is a private school founded by Naruyoshi Kikuchi, jazz musician. He had completed a PhD. He co-founded "MCKNSY beats consulting" which is a group of music producers.

He is a grandmaster of shamisen, Japanese traditional three-stringed musical instrument. The stage name is FUJIMOTO Hidenagimaru.

Currently, he has focused on music activities, performance and composition.


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