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丸山 桂(まるやま けい)

プロデューサー / 作曲・編曲家 / キーボードプレイヤー

4歳でクラシックピアノを始める。早稲田大学在学中に音楽家としてのキャリアをスタートする。同時に音楽学校メーザー・ハウスにも在籍、ジャズピアノ、編曲および音楽理論を学ぶ。在学中にバンド「宮尾すすむと日本の社長」に参加、「LIVE AT THE APOLLO」 (Epic)ほかをリリース。


Takuya Kusajimaのソロプロジェクト「Interselector」に参加。作曲、編曲、キーボードを担当した「The Piano Live」(ARTIMAGE)がクラブシーンでヒット。「株式会社マッチファインダー」を設立し、日本最大のレコードショッピングサイト「SOUND FINDER」を立ち上げる。バンド「YOU-DIE!!! & ザ・リーゼンツ」で伝説のロックバー「レッドシューズ」にレギュラー出演。





Producer / Composer & Arranger / Keyboard Player


MARUYAMA Kei is a multifaceted musician with a lifelong passion for music. He embarked on his musical journey at the young age of 4, and his dedication and talent have led him to excel in various aspects of the music industry.

Early Beginnings:

Kei's musical odyssey began at Waseda University, where he honed his skills as a musician. Simultaneously, he delved into the world of jazz piano, arrangement, and music theory at a renowned music school.

Professional Career:

  1. Funk Sensation: Kei joined the funk band "Miyao Susumu to Nippon no Shacho" and contributed to the release of the album "LIVE AT THE APOLLO" under Epic Records, showcasing his versatile keyboard prowess.
  2. Rock Debut: Post-graduation, Kei embarked on a new adventure with the rock band "CHAINS" under Columbia Records, achieving a major debut with "Hiyorimi Scope."
  3. Interselector Project: Collaborating with Takuya Kusajima on the "Interselector" project, Kei's composition, arrangement, and keyboard skills took the club music scene by storm, notably with "The Piano Live."
  4. Entrepreneurship: Kei's entrepreneurial spirit led him to found "Matchfinder Co. Ltd.," managing "SOUND FINDER," Japan's largest vinyl shopping website. Simultaneously, he remained a key member of the rock band "YOU-DIE!!! & The Regents," regularly performing at the iconic "RED SHOES" rock bar.

Educational Journey:

Kei's dedication to music education continued at "Conservatoire de Manchot," a prestigious private school founded by jazz musician Naruyoshi Kikuchi. His pursuit of knowledge culminated in the completion of a Ph.D. in music.


Kei co-founded "MCKNSY BEATS CONSULTING," a collective of music producers dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

Shamisen Grandmaster:

In addition to his keyboard prowess, Kei has mastered the traditional Japanese three-stringed musical instrument, the shamisen. He performs under the stage name "FUJIMOTO Hidenagimaru," showcasing his versatility across different genres.

Current Focus:

Kei's current musical endeavors revolve around sound production for singer-songwriter Ayane Yamazaki, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and his passion for performance and composition.

MARUYAMA Kei's journey through the world of music is a testament to his unwavering dedication, versatility, and commitment to musical excellence. His unique blend of skills and experiences continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Regent Works Playlist

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